In the fight game, fighters fight and promoters largely promote. It’s a nearly exclusive rule, but there are some exceptions.

While promoters never fight, occasionally a fighter will promote.

An increasing trend in recent years, more and more combat sports athletes are testing out the waters of running their own promotions. Oftentimes, it’s a fighter who has some name recognition, buzz, or influence in the sport. There are exceptions to the rule, however – fighters who have just figured out how to run a regional promotion successfully.

There are the more obvious stars like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jorge Masvidal, who have used their big platforms to promote their recent dive into promoting. There are also others who have quietly promoted behind the scenes for years.

Scroll below to see which current and former UFC fighters currently run their own promotions.

Note: Promotions that have not held an event since before 2019 were not included in this list – and this list is not necessarily all-inclusive.


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