Colby Covington can only laugh at Jorge Masvidal’s accusation that he cheated in their fight.

Covington (17-3 MMA, 12-3 UFC) scored a lopsided decision over former best friend-turned foe Masvidal (35-16 MMA, 12-9 UFC) at UFC 272, but the loss left a bitter taste in Masvidal’s mouth for various reasons.

Masvidal was poked in the eye in Round 1, but referee Herb Dean didn’t acknowledge it until seeing the replay after the round ended. The inadvertent poke left a mark on Masvidal’s eye, prompting “Gamebred” to call Covington a cheater and send him a warning.

But for Covington, their rivalry is certainly settled.

“I mean, it’s over for me, but what’s the guy gonna do? He’s all talk,” Covington told Submission Radio. “I mean, I was supposed to be in critical condition. This is the same guy that said, ‘Oh, I’m gonna leave Colby in critical condition on Monday. He might not make it.’ So, the only thing in critical condition is Jorge Masvidal’s career. It might not make it, guys. It’s officially finished. We put the feather in the cap. So, I don’t buy anything that guy says.

“He’s full of sh*t, he’s full of lies, and people believe what I say now because I speak truth, and I speak honestly. Like, yeah, sometimes it’s brutally honest. Sometimes it hurts feelings. Oh, he can go in there to beat people up and send them to the hospital, but it’s OK. Don’t say some mean words. Don’t be a meanie head. But this guy, no one takes this guy serious anymore. If you take that guy serious anymore, then you’re just as uneducated as him, and you probably didn’t get a middle school degree, just like him, Jorge Masvidal.”

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Masvidal almost turned the fight around in Round 4 when he briefly dropped Covington, but “Chaos” insists he wasn’t in danger.

“Now the biggest thing he has to claim, the one little barely hit that didn’t even affect me at all, didn’t rock me, I wasn’t wobbled, I was off balance, and I dropped down,” Covington said. “I was right back in his face less than a second later laughing at him that he thought that he actually hurt me. And he knew in that second that, ‘Oh yeah, I didn’t actually hurt him. Maybe I miscalculated.’ Dude, that was the one little glimpse of hope he had to turn it around. Go look at that round right before that when he’s curled up against the cage because he’s so scared because I’m pounding away at his face.

“So, this is hilarious. The one little thing, that’s his claim to fame now. Oh, he has one good punch on Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington. I don’t blame him. If that’s what he has to make his career off of then you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. You’re 37 years old, you’re past your time now, your title aspirations, your big money fight and main event marquee fights, they’re out the window. They rest in piece now. And at the front of them smiling is me, Colby Covington. Here lies all the title dreams and aspirations of Jorge Masvidal’s career in my hands.”


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