LAS VEGAS – UFC president Dana White was impressed with Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry’s dedication to creating a realistic MMA film.

Berry directed and starred in the Netflix film “Brusied,” a gritty MMA story that follows fictional fighter Jackie Justice’s life struggles and return to the cage. UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko trained Berry to prepare for the movie and also played the role of her opponent in the film.

Halle Berry’s MMA training for ‘Bruised’ was as real as it gets

Valentina Shevchenko would love a future in movies – especially if it’s with Halle Berry

During her training, Berry suffered a number of real-life injuries, including a pair of broken ribs and toes, but did not halt the production of the film.

“She’s a badass,” White said during a media Q&A session at a ‘Behind Brusied’ premiere. “She dove in headfirst. She did all the things you need to do to make a movie real.”

While fielding questions from the media, Berry explained her struggles in training, her love for fighting, and the behind-the-scenes hurdles that needed to be cleared before the move was finalized. White also discussed his relationship with the actress and how he helped to ensure the film was as real as possible.

Laura Sanko hosted the session along with Berry and White on Friday evening. Check out the full media session in the video above.


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