Gaston Reyno is itching to get back in the cage.

The former Combate Global and Bellator fighter is targeting a return to MMA competition for mid-2022 as he recovers from an ACL injury that’s kept him out of action.

Reyno, who’s also an ESPN commentator for Spanish-language UFC broadcasts outside of the U.S., is healing faster than expected.

“I’m 10 weeks post-operation,” Reyno told MMA Junkie in Spanish. “I should be jogging one minute and resting two, but I just jogged 12 minutes at 5 miles per hour. I’m like three or four weeks ahead of the normal recovery. I’ve been doing therapy and following the doctor’s instructions.

“Next week, I have an appointment with my doctor, and I should know when I’ll be able to train again. But for sure you guys will see me again. I’m hoping it’s as soon as possible so I can step in the cage again.”

Reyno hasn’t competed since late 2018. He’s currently on a two-fight winning streak since his release from Bellator, where he went 2-2. The Uruguayan, who’s currently a free agent, is convinced he’ll compete this year and is eager to get back in action wherever that may be.

“For sure, I’m fighting again in 2022 – I think mid-2022 or a little before,” Reyno said. “Now I’m a free agent. I don’t have a contract with anyone, so I’ll be open to offers. I want to fight again and make up for lost time.”


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