Jon Jones speaks during his 2021 UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony. | Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

It appears the former light heavyweight champion’s longtime relationship with his fiancée has been on the rocks for the last couple months, and now Jones claims it’s officially over.

It appears the fallout from Jon Jones’ September arrest in Las Vegas, shortly after his induction to the UFC Hall of Fame, is further reaching than a misdemeanor property destruction charge, a $750 fine, and a court order to attend anger management courses.

Bodycam footage from Jones’ arrest was released by the Las Vegas Police Department on Tuesday, February 22nd. In the video, Jones can be seen berating and pleading with police officers, and at one point, headbutting the hood of the cop car.

“You f—king nerds! I hate you! You f—king nerds! I hate you so much!” Jones could be heard telling officers at one point.

Whether or not the footage happened to be the final straw, shortly after the video of the arrest went public, Jones took to twitter to announce that his long-term relationship with his fiancée was officially over.

The post has since been deleted.

Jones’ arrest, early on the morning of September 24th, stemmed from a 911 call placed by Caesars Palace security, after Jones’ fiancée approached hotel staff seeking assistance. Attending officers reported that Jones’ fiancée had blood on her clothing and a swollen lip when they arrived. And that while she claimed that Jones did not hit her, officers also said that she appeared scared to return to her room or even to discuss the situation. Misdemeanor domestic battery charges against Jones were later dropped as part of a reported plea agreement in which Jones agreed to plead no contest to ‘destroying property of another.’

In the days following the incident, Jones posted a video to his Instagram of he and his fiancée kissing, and apparently reconciled. That video has also since been deleted.


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