HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Luis Palomino has ambitious plans for his next bareknuckle boxing bout.

The BKFC lightweight champion wants to become a two-weight titleholder in his next outing. Palomino plans a move up a weight class to challenge champ Elvin Brito for the welterweight title.

The call for a champion vs. champion bout comes after Palomino’s latest title defense in which he outclassed Martin Brown in the main event of Saturday’s KnuckleMania 2.

“I want that fight,” Palomino told MMA Junkie post-fight. “I’ve earned it. I’ve deserved it. And not only do I deserve it, I’ve already beat him in the past. So why should I go to him? He should come to me. He should come to Peru because I’m the undefeated champion and I already whooped that ass. So he can come to Peru and show the fans, the Latino Americans, what bareknuckle really is.”

Palomino and Brito fought in February 2020. Palomino won by unanimous decision. The loss to Palomino was Brito’s most recent defeat. He’s now on a four-fight winning streak.

Palomino is convinced he can bring a BKFC event to Peru and said he’s already floated the idea to BKFC president David Feldman.

“(The promotion can pull it off), 100 percent,” Palomino said. “I’ve already been in talks with David Feldman and he’s on board with it. I think I showed that we can do it.”

Palomino told MMA Junkie his title defense against Brown was the last on his BKFC contract. He plans to re-sign with the promotion for a more lucrative deal. The 41-year-old admitted fighting out his contract did bring on extra pressure.

“This is the first time I can actually admit I had a little pressure because normally I don’t,” Palomino said. “Fighting in my home crowd never gives me pressure. If anything, it gives me motivation. But the fact that it’s the last fight on your contract and you’re undefeated, it’s the most important fight on your contract.

“So yeah, that part gives me a little pressure. I had to win. As much as I wanted a knockout, I needed to win more than anything, and that’s what we did.”


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