Michael Chandler sees himself likely having a more difficult time with Tony Ferguson than Conor McGregor.

It’s not because he sees McGregor (22-6 MMA, 10-4 UFC) as an easier fight, per se, but simply because of the creativity he thinks Ferguson (25-6 MMA, 15-4 UFC) brings into the octagon, which has made him a unique challenge for most who have faced him.

Chandler (22-7 MMA, 1-2 UFC) currently is linked to a bout with Ferguson, which he is expecting to materialize for May, but also has expressed interest in facing former UFC dual-champ McGregor on numerous occasions.

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— Michael Chandler (@MikeChandlerMMA) November 8, 2021

“I think Tony might be a tougher puzzle to solve just because inside, he’s less predictable,” Chandler told Brendan Schaub on “Food Truck Diaries.” “Not that Conor is predictable – he’s a phenomenal athlete. But what you see with Conor is a lot of times what you get, and it’s a hard puzzle to solve, but once (you do) it’s much more predictable. I think Tony just brings that little bit of uncertainty at all times. Plus, his cardio never slows down.”

The former title challenger still is hoping to get another crack at UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira, but which win would get him there faster? In that regard, Chandler sees similar incentives in beating both Ferguson and McGregor.

“To get to the title shot, I don’t know. I think they’re both kind of similar,” Chandler said. “Obviously, you’ve got Conor coming back and you’ve got Tony, who’s got a couple of losses. But I have a couple of losses. Everybody’s got losses in the UFC.”


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