Luis Gonzalez somehow got a KO and also lost by decision in one MMA fight. How exactly did that happen? Well, unfortunately, it was the referee that he accidentally knocked out.

Rolling thunder KOs are pretty rare in mixed martial arts, and it’s easy to understand why. The kick can catch people off guard, but it is also very tough to aim properly. Both of those traits were evident during an amateur MMA bout in Isa Town, Bahrain.

As the opening round was coming to a close, Gonzalez looked for a Hail Mary shot at the bell, and threw a rolling thunder. It did land hard and flush to the chin… of the referee, who was trying to step in to signal the end of the round.

Watch the hilarious sequence below:

Fortunately, referee Scott Manhardt was able to recover in between rounds, and even decided to continue officiating the contest. In the end, the two fighters — and the referee — all made it to the final bell, with the ref perhaps deserving of some hazard pay or at least a bonus for being a trooper in there.

Gonzalez, who was representing Mexico, lost the semi-final bout by decision to Ireland’s Lewis Byrne. The contest was part of MMA Super Cup, an amateur tournament organized by Brave and IMMAF.


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