Throw a rolling thunder kick in a fight and you’ll usually get some oohs and aahs.

Nail your opponent with a rolling thunder kick and you’ll certainly have one for the highlight reel.

Drop a referee with an astray rolling thunder kick and you’ll get both of the above, for all the wrong reasons.

At IMMAF Super Cup 2022 in Bahrain, Luis Enrico Gonzalez Martinez (representing Mexico) and Luis Byrne (representing Ireland) were tentative as the round wound down. As many fighters do, Gonzalez decided to attempt something funky at the horn. Worst case scenario, he misses. Best case scenario, he lands a crazy knockout. Right?


Martinez accidentally drilled referee Scott Manhardt across the right side of his head, causing him to topple to the canvas. Ouch.

It took him a little while to regain himself, but Manhardt toughed this one out and finished the fight. Even the referees in MMA are built different than other sports.

Manhardt was a good sport about the situation afterward…

Protect yourself at all times…. PS. I got up and finished the fight

— Scott Manhardt (@ScottManhardt) March 10, 2022

Now that we know he’s all right and Manhardt himself has had a good laugh at it, we can admit, the whole scenario was kind of funny. The classic end-of-the-round-rolling-thunder-gone-wrong. It’s never not hilarious.

However, what made this video even more hilarious for me was the announce team. After seemingly keeping in a chuckle initially, one of the gentlemen on the call began his replay analysis with, “The most definitive shot of the fight so far…” Hilarious.

Anyway, Martinez went on to lose a decision to Byrne. But for all I’m concerned, that’s a TKO victory as well. He went 1-1 in the same bout. Not too shabby.

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