Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson scores a knockdown against Eddie Hall at a boxing match in Abu Dhabi on Saturday | @BoyReattie, Twitter

Watch Thor Bjornsson vs. Eddie Hall full fight video highlights from Saturday’s boxing event in Abu Dhabi.

Bjornsson went six rounds with his rival and fellow “World’s Strongest Man” Eddie Hall on Saturday night, coming out on top via unanimous decision (57-54, 57-54, 57-54).

Bjornsson, famously known for his portrayal of “The Mountain” on Game of Thrones, improved to 3-0 as an amateur boxer.

Catch the video highlights below.

Thor had the opportunity to capitalize here on Eddie near the end of Round 2 but didn’t take advantage, instead, gets knocked down. Seems like Eddie’s having difficulty seeing though.. #ThorVsEddie

— Richie Vargas (@RichieRich93_) March 19, 2022

Thor dropping Eddie Hall at the end of the 3rd but Hall gets up and makes the end of the round. Quite enjoying this! #ThorVsEddie #eddievsthor

— Roy (@BoyReattie) March 19, 2022

Thor’s gas tank is impressive, Eddie Hall seems to be running low, but did anybody else notice Round 5 ended about 3 seconds too early? #ThorVsEddie

— Richie Vargas (@RichieRich93_) March 19, 2022

A display of respect shown between Thor and Eddie, definitely was not expecting that. #ThorVsEddie

— Richie Vargas (@RichieRich93_) March 19, 2022


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