There’s no supplement for experience, as the saying goes.

How does that apply in MMA, however? In MMA, when an aging fighter begins to rack up consistent losses, where is the line drawn by which experience can only help them so much?

If a fighter continues to lose – and lose again, is that enough to begin to discredit them? Or do judgements have to come independent of specific bout outcomes? What factors should come into play?

We’ve seen many fighters hit quick declines and fizzle out, but others like Glover Teixeira and Charles Oliveira persevered to hold title gold.

All things considered, are MMA media members and fans too quick to write off veteran fighters after a loss or two – or three? That’s what we asked our “Spinning Back Clique” panel of Nolan King, Danny Segura, and Brian “Goze” Garcia, who discussed the topic with host “Gorgeous” George Garcia.

You can watch their discussion in the video above, or check out this week’s full episode below.


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