Police bodycam footage shows Jon Jones being arrested in Las Vegas in September.

Police bodycam footage shows another side of Jon Jones’ September arrest in Las Vegas.

Jon Jones’ arrest in September involved a whirlwind of events. The former longtime UFC light heavyweight champion was taken into police custody for domestic violence after he allegedly engaged in a physical altercation with his fiancée in their Las Vegas hotel room.

As more details emerged, it was also revealed that the 34-year-old fighter was charged with tampering with a vehicle after he reportedly headbutted a police car. That part of the story recently came to light through a police body cam video released by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

As you’ll see in the clip above, Jones repeatedly reminded officers (referring to them as “nerds”) about his Hall of Fame induction ceremony earlier that night.

“Why are you doing this? This is so humiliating. I got the Hall of Fame tonight, and then you’re gonna put me on this. By walking down the street.

“You f—king nerds! I hate you! You f—king nerds! I hate you so much!”

“Officer Nerd! You’re hurting me in my f—king Hall-of-Fame night! Just because I’m big and black! And what did I do!? All these officers, what did I do??

“I came from my Hall-of-Fame ceremony, and I’m black, and I have my friends, and I did nothing to you.

“Go, hit me. Hurt me and kill me. What did I do?? A black man can’t drink??”

Things got a bit more heated after Jones headbutted the hood of the car. It was then when officers took him into the vehicle.

Jones attributed his behavior to alcohol, which he vowed to leave in his past forever. In December, he accepted a plea deal in his domestic violence case, which stipulates that he must pay restitution to the victim and take anger management counseling. He also entered a “No Contest” plea to “destroying property of another.”

As for his fighting career, Jones is targeting to make his heavyweight debut sometime in 2022. No names have been brought up, but a plausible option would be a fight against Stipe Miocic.


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