Jordan Gill after knocking out Karim Guerfi. | Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

When boxing unexpectedly has pro wrestling in it.

You think you’ve seen everything in combat sports, then something new pops up beyond your wildest imagination.

On Sunday’s Matchroom Boxing card in England, Jordan Gill took on Karim Guerfi for the European featherweight title. In the seventh round, Guerfi dropped Gill with a left hook. Gill beat the count and returned to his feet, but towards the end of the frame this boxing match turned into pro wrestling. There was a coming together between Guerfi and Gill and the end result was something that looked exactly like the DDT made famous by the legendary Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.

OUCH. A big coming together results in a painful looking fall #OkolieCieslak

— DAZN Boxing (@DAZNBoxing) February 27, 2022

Gill was in bad shape after this and perhaps the doctor should’ve taken a closer look at him given the fall from this sequence was worse then the actual knockdown. Over the next two rounds, Gill’s right eye swelled up badly and given how unsteady he looked after round seven, there was a case to be made for the corner to stop the fight.

Then with a few seconds left in the ninth, Gill uncorked the right hand of a lifetime for one of the most insane comeback KOs ever.



— DAZN Boxing (@DAZNBoxing) February 27, 2022

Gill (27-1-1, 8 KOs) is not known as a big puncher but he picked a hell of a time to unleash the perfect punch. Guerfi (30-6-1 NC, 9 KOs) was down and out and there was no point in continuing the count for someone who wasn’t going to get up any time soon. Even after the fight, Gill still struggled to maintain his balance, and afterward he revealed that he had perforated eardrums and a knee injury.

Just out of hospital. CT scan all good, no problems just two perforated ears, and injured knee. Can somebody drop some ibuprofen off to room 1213

— Jordan Gill (@_JordanGill) February 28, 2022

This will undoubtedly hold up as one of the comebacks of the year and knockouts of the year given the circumstances.


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