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Robert Whittaker still wants a third bout with Israel Adesanya though.

Robert Whittaker is currently in an awkward spot, having lost twice to Israel Adesanya, while clearly still being the top ranked contender in the middleweight division. Although his recent loss was close and competitive, could he be in a similar position to what Rich Franklin had after his two losses to Anderson Silva before?

Whittaker believes that he doesn’t “need” to move up in weight because he can beat Adesanya, he also admits it’d be a fun idea to test out light heavyweight.

“Yeah, I can definitely see myself fighting at 205. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, because I have to cut to middleweight, and cutting sucks,” Whittaker told Submission Radio. “So, I think it might be fun.”

Whittaker, who fought for years as a welterweight, likes his chances even at 205 lbs.

“Obviously, I do understand the gravity of going up to 205. The bigger guys, the taller guys, longer reach, heavier-set guys, more power. But I think stylistically I have the style to move up to a heavier power division. But honestly, I’ll take it as it comes. It might be something fun to move up and have a dabble at, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

While open to moving up, Whittaker feels that he is “doing solid work” at 185 lbs, and plans to do enough that the UFC brass won’t have a choice but book him another title bout.

“I’m sure (Dana White) doesn’t want to have a third fight. It was a hard fight, and like, he knows the threat that I bring to it. Yeah, it doesn’t bother me, I’m not really worried about it. Just like the first time, I’m just gonna beat up everyone they’re gonna put in front of me, and then there will be no one left.”


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