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WTF: Wing Chun and Karate practitioners get wins over kickboxers

Practitioners of Wing Chun and Karate got somewhat rare wins in kickboxing.

So we begin with Fight Commentary Breakdowns, where style clashes and weirdness are always in style. This time we’ll look at a Karate specialist in a bout against a kickboxer, and it’s interesting, to say the least. It takes place inside a cage that is less stable than the GTA V online servers were on launch day, and if you were there, you know. Not gonna spoil the fight, but you need to watch it for yourself because it starts kinda slow but gets really dramatic.

The second bout in the video is on an open mat, and it’s nuts. Another Karate specialist deals with a Muay Thai practitioner with bare knuckles, and sorry to spoil this one: Karate guy doesn’t look too Hollywood in this one. Finally, there’s a Wing Chun practitioner taking on a very tall kickboxer that towers over him like Giant Gonzalez. It’s fun. All fun.

Next we’ve got a pair of Lethwei fights, and they’re just rough battles, man.

This one involved a lot of clinch work and some of it really isn’t pretty. The battle itself was hard-fought and a bit of a ride:

This next one is a set of highlights from the Tel Aviv Grand Slam, courtesy of Judo Highlights.

Here’s some highlights from Poland’s PunchDown promotion. No, the name doesn’t make sense. Yes, it’s still very much worth your time:

And we’ve also got Missouri-based SlapFIGHT doing their thing with this match, which is… something.

Be sure you can handle the pressure if you decide to get Elden Ring this week, and remember: you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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